Question about international iNat Sites - which language

I have been using iNat now for several years and just discovered ArgentiNat. I showed it to my family in Argentina, however when I demo’d the app on my browser it was in English. My sister in law was disappointed that the Argentinean site apparently was not in Spanish. So was it just English, adjusting to my browser and device or is the site in English? Is there a link that I can send to my relatives to access a Spanish site.

in any of the iNat sites, i believe you have the option to pick your preferred language in your account settings. you can also go to the bottom of some of the pages, and you’ll see a dropdown list that will allow you to select your language of choice, regardless of the language you selected in your preferences. Espanol (Argentina) is a language choice.

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Were you logged in there? Maybe it’s due to your user settings? I just visited and don’t have an account there, and it was all in Spanish for me.


There was a feature request to make all these subsites multilangual, but it is dismissed. Some of the sites are, some are not…

These are the links you asked for:

ArgentiNat is in Spanish by default, but if English is set in your settings then that will override that. To change it, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and see the drop-down language menu.


But scroll right down to the very last line.

ArgentiNat is fully translated to Spanish - actually in Rioplatense Spanish, the variant we speak around here. Most species have the local common name if available too.



Para cambiar el idioma en el que se muestra el sitio, si entrás desde un explorador y scrolleas hacia abajo vas a encontrar la opción de idioma probablemente. Aquí muestro como se ve.

De hecho si tu familia entra en el sitio entiendo que por default debería aparecer en idioma local, probablemente si vos tenes seteada tu cuenta en inglés cuando les mostraste la demo haya aparecido en inglés por ese motivo, como usuario local si entro a Inaturalist por defecto me aparece en español en lugar de inglés.

Edit: en caso de querer usar la app para celulares, está solo se puede descargar como inaturalist pero en las opciones podes configurar tanto el idioma como la red asociada a tu cuenta (lo cual depende si es el nodo local de algún país o la red global que es inat).

Cualquier duda tenemos varios curadores locales en el sitio para ayudarte!