Support all languages on iNaturalist Network homepages

Support all languagues in the subsites of the iNaturalist Network

The networksite supports the startup screen in different languagues (screendump).
Others don’t e.g.

I expect that for tourists visiting a country abroad it would be helpfull to use the site in their own languague so make feature request is to make all possible subsites translatable.

All networksites should be like Greece.

Not translated landingpage: (partly) (partly) (partly) (partly) (partly) (partly) (partly) (partly) (partly) (partly) (partly) (partly) PERFECT!

Hi @optilete, I updated your feature request title as it looks like only is restricted to a single language on the homepage / landing page.

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But many network partners have no translated landing page, see screenshot. Greece has, but others not, e.g. You can choose another language but the landing page (the page you see when you logout) is not translated, although another language is choosen than english.

Your screenshot shows a language other than Spanish, so I’m not fully understanding. If you can use specific examples and URLs depicting the item(s) you are asking for, that is helpful for others to understand your feature request. Thanks!

Edit - I see you’ve now edited your comment, thanks!

I use Chrome.
When I click thru to Columbia, I see Spanish for a moment, then my settings Translate to English since Spanish is not a language I can understand. German or Dutch is okay (for me)
For Greek I had to click Always translate Greek

I think this is a feature of Chrome, that makes it possible to translate the website. If you log out and go to the landing page you see that the line left of the language is translated, but the text in the screendump above is not. My request is that all languages should be supprted on on network sites for generic texts (not specific for a networksite).

This text ‘’ Welcome to iNaturalist NZ – Mātaki Taiao! The place where you you can record what you see in New Zealand nature, meet other nature watchers, and learn about Aotearoa’s natural world’’ is specific for this network site and should not be translated, just keep the original language and text.

I know it is possible cause the website for Greece does support all languages for iNaturalist.

That’s a good point, @optilete. Thanks.

Speaking on behalf of iNat NZ, it’s correct that we didn’t attempt to connect the text on our landing page into the iNat translation system. I see what you mean about how the footer language option is working on the Greek iNat site. That is better. I’ll ask how easy that is for us to do.

Of course, there’s inevitably going to be a mix of just English and Māori throughout our NZ-only content, on our projects and journal posts and blog posts and announcements, etc. It will be difficult for keen non-English speaking iNat tourists to fully engage in iNat NZ at this level without using a translation tool like @dianastuder mentioned for Chrome.


I tried New Zealand too - but there if I click Translate to English - it automagically translates Kia Ora as well.

I tried Finnish first, and that also translates everything, including Kia Ora. So for someone who wants another language, translate works.

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There are two different ways that network homepages can be created. One allows it to be automatically translated, but the other doesn’t (except via in-browser tools like @dianastuder mentioned). Older network member sites (like Canada, Mexico, Portugal, Colombia, and New Zealand) all use the option without automatic translation. The newest network members are most likely to use the method that automatically translates more of the homepage content.

When we eventually redesign the home page, we plan to offer better options for home page customization and translation than we currently do. It is helpful to learn about how people want and expect these pages to work.

While looking at the different network site home pages in different languages, I noticed there appears to be a bug where you can’t change the language from the footer on, but I didn’t see any other network sites with this issue.

Edited to add: the Colombia bug noted above was already fixed thanks to pleary!