Question about lists

Just say I have a list of plants from a 1994 BOTANICAL STUDY. How can i add these plants to a (be found list).


If you go to your Lists page, there’ll be a blue button on the upper left labeled New List. Click on that and give it a name. Then if you go to the page for that list, on the upper right there’ll be a button that says Add to Your List. If you click on that you can enter species one at a time. To the right there’s a smaller bit that says Add Batch. Click on that and a text box will open – if I remember correctly, you can paste a list of species in to that. The site will look for each species – in unambiguous cases it will simply add them. Otherwise, it’ll come up with either a list of a few possibilities or it will tell you it couldn’t find a match. (Given the date on your study, I’d expect a few of those, due to taxonomic changes.)


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