Question about Seek app version 2.12.5 for iPhone

If a person’s Seek app identifies a species, and the Seek observation is posted to iNaturalist via the “Post to iNaturalist” button on the Seek app, but then later the community taxon of that observation is changed on iNaturalist, is it possible to ever have the person’s Seek app show the new community taxon for that observation?

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Seek is very different than the main site, mostly because it’s a private app that only saves certain data, whereas iNaturalist saves all data that you give it, and you can interact with other people. That needs to be made clear to your friend.

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There already is sharing of data due to the feature allowing the posting of Seek observations to iNaturalist directly from the Seek app. And the third and fourth comments in this announcement from two years ago indicated that getting revised identifications from iNaturalist users back to Seek was a high priority:

PS I made a few changes to my original post to clarify the interactions between the Seek app and iNaturalist.

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Yes, I was referring to if the user is only using the Seek app and hasn’t enabled the posting of Seek obs to iNaturalist.

Other than that, you are correct.

I never said otherwise.

I’m getting confused, whatever you said is probably right. Disregard my prior messages.

Sorry about the confusion. I changed my original post to limit it to my main question. If I get a “yes” answer to that one, I’ll ask the others later.

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I found this April 2020 guide to Seek by doing a Google search. Assuming that there has been no substantive change to Seek for the past year, I think my questions are answered here. So feel free to close this topic.

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