Update your observation in Seek if corrected or identified in iNaturalist.

I love the Seek app, but often if a species isn’t captured I will submit my photo to iNaturalist. I have an account with iNaturalist, so I get emails saying someone has identified my species, which is great, but then when I go back into Seek, this change isn’t reflected there. In fact, the species doesn’t appear at all. I think your observation list should update to include a new species if someone on iNaturalist identifies it, even if there was no positive identification when you first captured the photo. Also, the same if you submit a photo that Seek identifies incorrectly, and someone on iNaturalist corrects the idenfitication, then that change should be reflected in a Seek user’s observation list.

Just for background here, Seek was never designed to be a) one’s main method for posting observations to iNaturalist and b) to sync observations from iNat back to Seek.

It’s meant to be an alternative to iNaturalist for more casual users, users who don’t want to join a social network and share their observations publicly, and for students. The ability to post an observation to iNaturalist from Seek is there so that if someone wants to, they can contribute to iNat’s database and provide more photos to train the AI. It remains to be seen how that model works, but I don’t believe we will be adding an observation syncing feature between Seek and iNaturalist in the foreseeable future.