Recent observations not showing under "Edit Observations" but are in "My Observations"

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Step 1: Enter and save an observation.

Step 2: It can be viewed immediately with previous entries in “My Observations”

Step 3: It is not showing in the “Edit Observations”. I’ve been using iNat for 3+ years and have never had this issue.

Does it happen now too? Could it be that they take time to show on some pages? Also, does your Edit obs. page has any active filters?

Still happening. No new entries are visible in the “Edit Observations” mode for two days now. They do show in the “Your Observations” mode. I’m sure my new entries are visible to others because there have been some actions on them by others. I don’t see any filters that could affect this.

It can happen if it’s set to show “by date observed” instead of “by date uploaded”.


Hi @dhochadel, can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing on each page? Here’s what I see, and the observations match up: (left) and (right)


Well, it appears to be resolved now. The two modes match each other. Don’t know why it took two days. It has always been instantaneous. Thanks

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Ok, great! If it happens again, marina_gorbunova’s suggestion of trying to sort by date added vs. date observed might fix the issue.

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