Rechargeable Batteries for Flash

I am looking into getting rechargeable batteries with a high capacity and high recycle time with the intention to use for my HSS flash for when I want to take pictures in continuous mode for the purposes of photo stacking.

I have read that Duracell 2,500 mAh and GP ReCyko 2,600 mAh batteries are good, but I wanted to see if anyone else recommends one over the other (or something different).

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There was an interesting short podcast on BBC recently comparing the cost, available power and stored energy of various makes of Li Ion batteries, of which I think Duracell was the expensive choices. It is not a rigorous comparison, but the bottom line was that, in many situations, the less expensive ones are almost as good and you can buy several for the price of the expensive ones. Personally, I like the Harbor Freight Rechargeable ones in my trail cam and have found them quite satisfactory.

I hope this is within the forum guidelines, but here is a link to it. If not, I seek forgiveness.

I use panasonic eneloop pro 2500 mah аа, plus another group I can’t find right now.

p.s. found them: GP Rechargeable 2700 Series AA

I’m not sure I feel the difference in any way, probably a testing should be done to see, cause you just charge the other 4 while use the first ones and change them when needed.

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I had to give up using rechargeables in my trail cam as they started causing glitches after a while. Especially in cold weather. Maybe I need to get some better ones and try again. The BBC program made a point to say that rechargables should always be the first consideration to save resources.

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NiMH rechargables have lower nominal voltage, 1.2v, than similar sized Li or Alkaline, 1.5v. that can make the flash unit think your cells are dead when they are fine. As for recycle time they are not really any better than Alkaline.

Li-ion cells probably have protection circuit that cut the power in high discharge or overheated conditions.

I rigged a battery pack with EBL C-Cells, 5000 mah, I can run the flash all day without swapping cells, but rapid exposures will get progressively dimmer even at 1/128 power.

if you really want fast cycle time you have to get special battery pack designed for your HSS unit if there is one.

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Thanks, I think I was looking as these before too. I wonder if you could mix and match sets if one have a higher capacity, but the other has a faster recycle time.

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