Referencing french wikipedia

While adding an observation of a Calliptamus barbarus, I noticed that iNaturalist defaulted to the article on the english Wikipedia as there was no article for that taxon in french.

I translated it and it now exists.

I would like to know who I could contact so that iNaturalist acknowledge this improvement.

welcome to the forum. based on this:, i believe the taxon page should get the latest article after 7 days, or else a curator can force a refresh.

It is actually done by adding the link on the page for the species on Wikidata.

Just have to wait a touch for the indexing there to catch up. I tried to do it but the indexing hasn’t fired off yet.

Thanks a lot. I verified and wikidata already capted it. I presume that is because I signaled it was a translation.
So all is well, have a nice day.

If the page in another language has the same name as the english page, it actually doesn’t need the Wikidata, it will work automatically, in that case it is just waiting for the indexing to complete. But entering it on Wikidata is still best practice to 100 percent ensure it works.


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