How often is the link to the Wikipedia taxon webpages updated in iNaturalist?

Hello, everyone. Since the Peppered Moth taxon is now curated on iNaturalist to have multiple subspecies, I thought it would be prudent to add the subtaxon pictures to the Wikipedia article myself. This is, of course, after I got the permission from the original iNaturalists to upload their pictures to Wikimedia Commons. Besides being somewhat more complicated than what it seems to be in order to edit Wikipedia, I noticed that the current Wikipedia webpage on the Peppered Moth and the Wikipedia information displayed on its respective iNaturalist webpage are not exactly same. It seems that once the Wikipedia article is linked to iNaturalist webpage, it only displays the information from the Wikipedia article’s state at that particular time. In other words, the information on iNaturalist from Wikipedia is not updated as the respective Wikipedia article is updated. Is this a common issue on iNaturalist?

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I’m not sure how often (if ever) the pages refresh automatically, but curators can go into the page and refresh it manually. I did that, but I’m not sure it changed anything.

They definitely update at least once every few weeks. I’ve heard they are reindexed once per week.

this is the latest:

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You probably already know this but permission (even written permission) is not good enough. At the time of upload, the license on the photos needs to correspond to what Wikipedia calls a “free work,” that is, CC0, CC BY, or CC BY-SA. There are bots running on Wikipedia that remove anything else.


Oops. I meant uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, not Wikipedia itself. I will change the description in the thread.

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