Regular return to root page, Broken links

Please fill out the following sections to the best of your ability, it will help us investigate bugs if we have this information at the outset. Screenshots are especially helpful, so please provide those if you can.

Platform: Android

App version number: 1.25.7 (522)

**URLs (aka web addresses): Various

Screenshots of what you are seeing
Have taken a short screen recording can I share that here?

Description of problem:

Step 1: Browsing observations in Explore.

Step 2: Tap on select Observation to review.

Step 3: Screen goes black then I am on My Observations page.

Has been happening for around a month for me. Seems to be happening more and frequently. Have done an uninstall reinstall but still have this very annoying bug.


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The Forum doesn’t support videos, so no. If you could pull a few stills from it to show succession that would be useful.

Could also post it to Youtube or some other video sharing site and then put up the link. Not sure if the Forum supports gifs but that could be another option.

A screen recording would be great (you can send it if you don’t want to share it publicly). I haven’t been able to replicate this after trying multiple times.

I’d also be interested to see anyone still experiences this if they install the current beta release. You can become a beta tester here:

Same happens to me ( on Android).

I will be in Explore, will click on something and it will take me to my observations. It happens super frequently.

Link to upload of screen recording of bug on Youtube

OK as per suggestion now using Beta version 1.25.13 (528) and same bug occurs. Browsing through explore and some observations links work and some trigger the bug- Black screen flashes then taken to My Observations page.


What filters are you using in Explore, and which device are you using?

Just filtering My Location. Huawei Mate 20x

OK, thank you. When it happens again can you please send long files from the app to To send log files, go to the About tab in the app and tap three times on the version number. You will then have the option to email the log files to us.

When I try that I get this

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Hmm, that’s odd.

@ds_explorings which device do you have? Which version of Android OS is it running?

Also happens in other situations eg

Browsing a user’s observation feed will eventually get a broken link and takes me back to their front page.

Reviewing an observation tapping on map for look and crash…

Essentially its broken links with return to nearest root page.

Surprised its only a couple of users finding this an issue. Suppose that’s good but not for me :thinking:

So if I can’t manually send you my bug Logs, do you get them automatically? I’m still using the beta version as suggested.

Now I’m also getting another unusual broken link issue. Started today.

If I select a particular user and view their obs, when I select an observation to view I go to this particular observation

This occurs no matter which observation I select and no matter who’s observations I’m viewing. Very strange! HELP! :dizzy_face:

Update- Just did a complete uninstall. Cleared Cache, data, uninstalled and scrubbed remaining data. Reinstalled and this new bug continues. Appears to pick the most recent My Location observation. The app is becoming close to unusae for me now.