Reinstating withdrawn ID causes a later coarser ID to show as disagreement

Platform: Website

Browser: Safari


Description of problem:

Yesterday I found the observation while IDing unknowns, which was there because it had a single withdrawn ID of Eremobates. I added an ID of Arachnids, which evidently caused the user to realize they had accidentally withdrawn their ID and restore it. However, this caused my ID to show as “*wildskyflower disagrees with previous finer identifications” and bump it back to Arachnids, even though there were not previous finer identifications to disagree with at the time I added the ID.

As a side effect, that made it impossible for a later user to disagree with the ID of genus Eremobates by adding a family ID, because their family ID showed as agreeing with order solifugae instead of disagreeing with genus Eremobates. Therefore if I withdraw my ID of arachnids, the display taxa will revert to Eremobates, instead of Eremobatidae, as it should. This seems like unintended behavior.

Update: the observer re-withdrew the ID I ‘disagreed with’ and now everything about the observation appears to be back to normal, whereas I believe if I had actually disagreed with the ID it would still show me as disagreeing.

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Unsure, but could it also be something due to how large the span is between the taxonomic ranks used in the IDs?

I don’t know. I also wonder but cannot test by myself whether this behavior could cause otherwise unreachable states to be achieved, like:
genus ID added and withdrawn
order ID added and withdrawn
family ID added
genus ID reinstated, family ID now disagrees
order ID reinstated, now disagrees with both genus and maybe also the family ID which was added later

In that case, does the family ID still disagree with the genus, causing 2 disagreements with the genus, or does the disagreement from the order ID supersede it as it would if the genus->order->family sequence was added normally?

I wonder if there is a related quirk in this observation, where there are only two IDs, no opt-out, no missing data, no DQA check, and yet the observation ID is at “Plants” instead of the refining ID:

This may have happened to me on this observation, although it wasn’t a reinstating of an ID. I think I did probably enter a species name first, and then deleted it and entered the coarser ID. Maybe this is happening because the observation needed more time to update? I may have to work on my habit of sometimes deleting IDs rather than withdrawing.

That is different because it appears that davidenrique has disagreed with an ID that does not appear to exist at all; the only way I can think that that could remotely make sense is if there was a Moneses uniflora ID at the time it was posted which was since deleted instead of withdrawn. Note that the behavior results in a weird display but the community taxon is exactly as expected in that case and shows the correct calculation logic.
Edit: If it was your own deleted ID that is confusing because the IDs look like they were added>half an hour apart which you would think would have been plenty of time for the display as seen by @davidenrique to update, unless it failed to reindex when you added the new ID or, I guess possibly davidenrique had the pane open for ~half an hour before adding an ID and the disagreement is decided client side instead of server side.


I hadn’t thought of that. Thank you.