Rejecting community ID not working

can anyone explain why rejecting community ID doesn’t fix this and return it to the vesicariae group?

This was an invalid taxonomic change, and i don’t want my observations following it. I’ve opted out of community ID and new taxonomic changes. Is there a way to reject past taxonomic changes after the fact?

really, rejecting automatic taxonomic change should account for this. I realized if i reject community ID for all, i lose all my IDs of things I didn’t add an agreement with because ‘i don’t know them’. So it’s really not an ideal solution. But the problem is the current taxonomic policy has made the site literally unusable for me in a professional setting. I need to find a way to reject taxonomy changes without rejecting all the other community IDs. But somehow taxonomic changes seem to be being forced even if i reject community ID? I don’t understand.

my guess is that it’s because your ID is now an inactive taxon, so it is still getting overridden.

(Was just about to write the same thing) Definitely flag the taxon if there is a taxonomic issue.

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is there any way to reject the replacement of the ‘invalid’ taxon with the new taxon (which i actually believe is the invalid one)? iNat gives control of data in every other way to the point where it can be pretty dramatic, are they really forcing acceptance of this radical taxonomic policy?

i did, the taxonomy curator just undid my flag.


not to my knowledge in this case, an inactive taxon effectively becomes a ‘ghost’ unless your ID is the only active one. Someone else may correct me though

that’s really frustrating. What’s the point of allowing people to reject IDs for every other reason but not this?

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A wild guess: forcing such taxonomic changes upon us (e.g. inactive taxon redirecting to new taxon, some synonyms redirecting to a current iNat-accepted name, splits and merges according to latest research etc.) helps a bit with the search function. Keeps everything (obs, media, curation history…) related to a single “natural object” under a single “taxon name” with no need to manage bazillions of alternates or duplicates - no matter whether people agree with this or that name.

i guess… but that logic would apply to rejecting any of the community IDs.

I just don’t get why iNat is all about letting the user control their observations… with everything except taxonomy which the site takes an increasingly extremist approach to… the very heavily revisionist taxonomy is not something people are allowed to opt out of. I could identify that Carex as a chicken, and i am allowed to do that and force the ID through, but i am not allowed to identify it as the widely accepted vesicariae sedge group that is used very extensively by the ecologist and naturalist community.


I suppose you could identify this Carex as a chicken, but it seems unlikely you could force it to RG for example. And it wouldn’t take long before it gets labelled as casual, or Do Not Qualify, or reported for curation or whatever, before sinking into oblivion.

On the other hand, if “Vesicariae” is an exact synonym of (i.e. renamed to/from) “Carex hirta Clade” (or “Brobdingnagia Subgenus” or any new name published by some mad scientist), you may disagree with the renaming… however it remains true that all such plants are still considered as a single entity under a single name. So searching for this old popular name or that new stupid name (one redirecting to the other) still returns all relevant results, irrespective of the observer/user/expert’s opinion.

(Splits and merges are a different horror story, I fear.)

i don’t care if it’s research grade. I want the names on my observations to match the names i use. there’s no way to opt out of this.

it’s not, it has lumped a bunch of things i IDed as ‘vesicariae’ and track and use under that group, to some other way broader group that no one else uses. It isn’t possible to link databases to iNat, use it for outreach, use it to conduct vegetation plots, or anything else with this constant radical revisionist taxonomy, but there’s no way to opt out of it


Write it in the comment / notes for each obs?
A bit tedious, but that’s what I do for many iNat names I “disagree” to some extent with, so that I can e.g. locate these plants using “my” (actually our “national”) naming scheme, while other users see that non-iNat-approved name too (and thus my disagreeing).

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well that doesn’t work here because i can’t filter by, sort by, or export data based on notes. i need the IDs.

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You can search for inactive IDs too. This isn’t as elegant as the Explore search functions, but I think it should help in this case:


thanks, that is helpful. it still doesn’t seem to be possible to get rid of ‘hirta clade’ though. i’ve rejected community ID and oddly that doesn’t work. I can bump it back to Carex, but that isn’t helpful. Basically i’m being forced to give up Vesicariae and use the invalid (imho) newly created entity. I wonder if that is intentional.

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