Cannot opt-out of community ID

Platform: Website

Browser: Firefox 74.0 on Mac

Clicking on ‘Reject’ works, but then in the pop-up window clicking on ‘yes, reject it’ results in no action, the window stays open and nothing happens.


Is this for every observation?

Same here on a Windows computer with Chrome (Vers. 80.0.3987.149) and yes, all observations are affected where CID rejection should be possible.

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I just tried on one of my observations and the “yes, reject it” button doesn’t work either.
That was on Firefox.

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I can replicate as well, in FF. Made an issue here:


Same happens on Brave

Seems to be a recent issue - I have tested and it does not work on any of my observations

happening here too:

Is opting-out actually working for anyone?

I want to reject a Community Taxon, but nothing happens when I click on the ‘Yes, reject it’ button:

Same issue. Very annoying. This is an important feature for tracking taxa you don’t want lost because of mistaken community IDs.

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I’ve run into this bug as well. Firefox 75.0 in Win 10 1909.

We are still experiencing this.

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Should be fixed now.


Can confirm that it’s working!