How do I relocate a paper wasp nest?

Recently, I’ve noticed this little paper wasp appear and start building a nest on my grandparents’ house right by the garage door. I really wanna relocate her before she populates the nest with more wasps because she’ll definitely get sprayed by my family if she stays. Do any of y’all recommend a way that I can go about this? Thank you!

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Not sure if it’s possible to reattach the nest elsewhere but if you take it down that may encourage her to start over again somewhere else. I’ve seen recommendations to use a jar and piece of cardboard or flat plastic to dislodge and move the nest with the wasp inside at night. Looks like it’s just one so far and not an entire colony, so that should make it easier.


Thank you!

With paper wasp nests they seem to be able to be glued onto a desired place successfully, there are a couple of videos of people doing relocation with just removing + gluing of the nest:


I have done this many times. usually they abandon the relocated nest and build a new one very close by. They don’t seem to like glue.
I have simply put a nest in a paper cup and put it in a new location. this is usually better.

Always relocate at night.


The Groucho Marx answer:


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