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Platform: Web site using Windows

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Description of problem: every time I log into iNat. the Remember Me box is unticked, even tho I tick it every time I log in. Why doesn’t this work?


Are you entering username/email address and password info, or are you logging in via a third party like Google? Which browser are you using?

Suddenly, I also have to log-in each time, even though I check Remember Me. I figured I may have accidentally switched to Private Mode browsing. Private Mode is a bit reassuring to me, but inconvenient in that my log-ins may stop being persistent.

Do you, by chance, use Private mode in your browser?

I am not the OP, but it happens to me too, almost always, even after a short break. Safari, which offers my username correctly, then as soon as I select that and hit enter, it fills in the pw and I am logged in immediately, with no opportunity to check Remember me, no matter how quick I try to be.
Occasionally it then goes to the iNatNZ log in, and I have to do it again.

Yesterday I tried checking Remember Me BEFORE entering username, and today I was already logged in when I browsed to the iNat homepage. Yay.


I log in directly: I don’t go into iNat via Facebook, google etc.
I use the latest version of Firefox on a Win 8.1 PC.

What is Private mode?

My understanding is that some browsers have a Setting such that you can turn on Private Mode, so that your browsing data is not being collected when you visit websites. One effect is that websites you visit do not show in your History. (That doesn’t necessarily mean you are not being tracked by the websites you visit, tho, just the browser.)

This may explain it better:

Thx. I don’t have Private mode switched on. Have learnt that you are meant to tick the box BEFORE you log in. So I have suggested that the login screen be re-designed so that the Remember Me box is ABOVE the log in fields.

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