Not remembering me when I log in


I’ve mentioned this before to the support and am finding that it is still happening so I thought I’d post it here. Using Safari 12 now, the site isn’t remembering my log in the next day although sometimes it does. I did the usual trashing of cookies in the past.

I think Safari 12 is partially at fault as there are issues with other site during the log in process like the browser logging me in as soon as it auto-completes the log in fields rather than waiting me to click on log in. Maybe that’s a feature… but if I haven’t pre-selected “remember me” I won’t have the chance to this way. Plus some other oddities.

Ideally I’d like the site to remember me forever. imdb does. I’d be happy with two weeks if there has to be a limit.

Thanks for any help. Love this site.



Same here!

Hi lipwak and madisong,
How do you log into your account? Do you use a username and password specific to iNat or do you log in with a third party platform? If the latter, which one? Thanks!

I log in via an account specific to iNat, using Chrome on desktop and mobile. I also find that I’m logged out of iNat more frequently than other websites.


And I dont think it is browser specific (Chrome and occassional MS Edge user - dont hate on me, need it for testing purposes for work). I log in via my Google credentials, and I have to relogin every visit to the site, in addition, after every login I get an email warning me the site has been granted access via my credentials.

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I have a iNaturalist account specific to iNat

Thanks. I log in with e-mail and a password specific to iNat.

I should add that since I posted this, I haven’t had to sign in. It’s remembering me.

Well, that didn’t last long. What is working though is to use a different browser. Firefox has remembered my log in for a few weeks now so I’d say it’s another of Safari’s problems,

I’m on a MacBook Pro that I recently installed Mojave on, using Safari 12.1.2. For at least a week I kept getting the OAuth message and the one about trying something I wasn’t authorized to do (raised in other threads). Now I just seem to get the one on the attached screenshot. Sometimes it seems to resolve itself, but other times it doesn’t and I have to keep trying until it finally lets me in. I use my iNat name and password, trying to log on through iNat.

See for discussion specifically related to Forum login issues.

Lets keep this thread focused on iNaturalist site login issues. But good to note that there are similar issues happening in both contexts.

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sorry—I thought that’s what they were talking about

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No problem, and I would encourage you to leave your post up, as it does highlight that there are similar issues going on in both places. Just wanted to make sure additional posters didn’t go down the Forum road in this thread. :grinning:

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okay—I restored it

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I am still having the repeated permission problems. I use iNat enough that I would rather just log in specific to the site now, but I can’t create one with my username or email. The merging directions did not work for me.
Any suggestions or links with updated directions would be appreciated.

I don’t see any mentions by you about past problems, and without knowing specific details about exactly what’s happening, it’s tough to diagnose the issue. Can you please share screenshots of what you’re seeing? Are you logging in using your username/email and password, or via a third party like Google?