Remove multiple favorited observations at once

In the “Your favorites”, add a checkbox on every item to select it for removal, and a “Remove N items” in the page footer, with N the number of items checked.

This would allow to remove a favorite, or many favorites, without opening each observation page.

Sounds like a good idea! I concur.

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Sounds good to me too.

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Yes. I would add a “Past Favorites” tab/section so you don’t have to go back to each observation page to find them again, if needed. Maybe also have a pop-up that states “Are you sure that you want to delete this/these favorite observation(s)? It/They will remain in the Past Favorites tab/section.”

Why would you want to remove Favourites?
Is there a limit?

Or is it to avoid notifications? I unfollow, but leave the fave active.


My usage of the Favorites has evolved. I feel the need to clean my Favorites and work differently.

1) Recently, I have put in the Favorites some observations to remind me about some taxa useful when identifying, for instance the australian tribes Bossiaeeae and Mirbelieae. These tribes are easy to recognize as a whole, but difficult for me to distinguish from each other.

Now, I have these tribes in a notepad, and I don’t need anymore such observations in my Favorites. Whenever I see such an observation, I identify it at the Subfamily Faboideae level with the comment “Bossiaeeae? Mirbelieae?”, and often this triggers a species level identification a little bit later by someone else.

2) I also used to put in the Favorites observations I cannot identify yet, but similar to other observations I have seen that were identified. In that case, I hope to find again later what it is.

I have just created a traditional project “Checklist JPB” to list observations I cannot identify yet, but showing original features that will make them easy to identify later, if I find one already identified later. The case happened already (it was an observation very similar to this one), and I regret not having kept track of the unidentified ones.


I actually don’t use “Favorites” to “fave” anything. That’s certainly a useful and popular thing to do. Instead, I typically use the little star button as a bookmark so that I can get back to the observation easily for any particular reason. Those reasons usually include further ID research or discussion. For example, when someone adds a finer ID to one of my own observations, I’ll bookmark it (“fave it”) so that I am reminded to go back to my original image(s) and update the ID on my local file. Eventually, this process accumulates a fairly large and diverse array of “favorites” which I can then “unfave” after taking care of the mundane tasks I’ve mentioned here. The “Favorites” button is far more convenient than bookmarking the entire URL of an observation to which I want to return. Maybe I ought to put in a Feature Request for a different button entitled something like “Bookmark” or “Reminder To Myself That I Have To Do Something With/About This Observation.”

I think there was a closed discussion around bookmarks.

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Faving generates a notification for the observer and also helps surface interesting or high quality observations for other users, so it’s better to use your browser’s bookmarks, leave unreviewed, or another way to track observations you want to return to. Your browser should have a 1-click way to bookmark - same amount of effort as faving. In Chrome and Firefox you just click the little star on the right side at the top.

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For the purposes mentioned above, a “traditional project” has more added value than a web browser bookmark, because a project benefits directly from the iNaturalist features (for searching/browsing observations, taxa).

Personally I wouldn’t prefer my observations to display that they are in someone’s “bookmarks” project.

I agree 100%.
It would be good to have an option for not displaying a project in the observations pages.
Yet another feature request!..

(The issue is the display of the project in the observations pages, not the usage of a project for a bookmark. I have always seen projects as lists, in the first place, and a set of bookmarks is a list).

3) I also created a “Flora JPB” project to collect observations and comments that are likely to help me for furture identifications.

For instance, I am now able to bring together this observation from the “Checklist JPB” project and this observation from the “Flora JPB” project, which enable me to propose a Mucuna ID for the former.

Without collecting observations, I would never have been able to propose an ID for this observation. Better done like this: a list of observations still to identify, another “flora” list of already identified observations.

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Favorites is not designed to be a bookmarking tool, so we won’t be adding functionality to make it act as one, I’m sorry. I’ll close this request.