Reopening Job Listings Wiki

I was recently looking to see if posting job listings are allowed in the forum. While a post for a specific job seems out of bounds for the forum guidelines, it seems that there used to be a wiki for jobs in wildlife and conservation that was locked in 2020. I think a place for nature-related job listings would be good for forum users who are promoting projects or looking for work and volunteer opportunities, so would it be possible to create a pinned wiki or a forum section for job listings, events, opportunities, etc.?


Unfortunately such posts are magnets for spammers and con artists. It’s already work to keep an eye on any outgoing links when there isn’t potential financial incentive or conflicts of interest involved. Also attracts SEO bots.

We also want to prevent too many posts that are only links to external places – both because it dilutes the purpose of this forum (talking about iNat / talking with iNatters), and since such content tends to be low effort and low interaction when not paired with a question or comment.


I understand. Unfortunate, but not surprising. Thank you for your response


That is definitely a huge problem on, for example, freelancing sites – to the point that the site instructs you to report any job post or chat that includes any off-platform contact information.