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North America:



A few years back I consolidated a number of conservation job hunting resources on my nature blog. I haven’t had the time to pay much attention to my bog and the other resources there for a while, so some of the links have likely changed or are dead, but here is a consolidated list of resources for people looking into conservation jobs:

The focus is as international as I was able to make it as I was looking for work overseas.


As in a new category?

I don’t know… maybe? I’m not sure there’d be enough interest or posts to maintain an active category. The resources above do a pretty good job of collecting job posts so maybe there’s no need to replicate it here.

That’s a good list of resources. thanks!

I believe it is a good initiative, every year there’re places that needs students or expeditions that need workers, a lot of them, though I’m used to those inside Russian borders.

Not sure if this is the right Category for this topic but aside from that, could this topic be organized better as a Wiki?


I like the Wiki idea. Might be more appropriate because it’s a curated list rather than a bunch of separate threads.


This site is listed in the link provided by @earthknight, but for positions with the US government agencies (US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, USGS, and others) there’s USAJOBS - There are currently 19 positions listed if you search for Wildlife Biologist. This is a good site for summer employment opportunities and seasonal hiring for college students or others who are just starting out and wanting to obtain field experience. Can search for Biological Science Technician (Wildlife), Biological Science Technician (Plants), Biological Science Technician (Fisheres), Archaeological Technician, etc. Some positiions for next summer will be announced as early as October.


Done! The original post at the top can now be edited by anyone, by using the Edit button at lower right on that post. You might want to add a little prefacing in the post to describe what’s expected there.

Probably not, but it’s a start while the moderators consider its ultimate destination.


Great thanks! Since it’s a wiki now, should this thread be moved to another section?

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Perhaps the topic title should also have volunteering/employment/contract opportunities? I think right now it is too broad.
Such as WIKI: Botany/Wildlife/Conservation volunteering/employment/contract opportunities


Good suggestion. Let me know if it’s better now. I’m open to other suggestions but I don’t want to make the title too long.

Is this intended to focus on the USA?

Otherwise - for botany / wildlife / conservation employers who use Facebook for public outreach - that can be a good source. I see a trickle of offers from the Western Cape / South African sources I follow there.

For me FB can be the only way for a citizen scientist to access breaking research which is otherwise hidden behind a subscribers only paywall.

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The Wiki now has a Russia section. As well, the blog @earthknight shared and noted in the Wiki has international links.


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