Replying in the mobile app

It may be helpful to allow users to reply to comments on their observations on the mobile app to clarify identifications and to get help from more experienced naturalists.

Which app are you referring to? On Android, you can tap the Comment button to add a reply.

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You can also tag people (e.g. @trh_blue), if you see they haven’t responded to your comment within a few days. Most people don’t mind a few tags. If you’re not sure if they’re OK taking questions, ask the person.

I have only used the ios app. I can add additional comments to the observation but I wondered if a reply directly to a comment on the observation would be a little more direct to addressing the intended user. Certainly tagging them is an option but a direct reply that they’re notified of seems like it would be a little more convenient. :)
Thank you! :)

I’ll give that a try! Thank you very much for the suggestion! :)

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