Can people see comments and mentions on apps?

I know there are long discussions of apps, and I did do a search, but couldn’t find an answer to these two specific questions:

Can people who use the apps see comments?

Can people who use the apps see mentions?

I am asking this because over and over I see people responding to IDs but not acknowledging or responding in any way to comments or mentions (that are not attached to the IDs).


On android you can see them, everything you see in browser, but you need to open the tab for it and there’re different pages for your content and content you’re subscribed to, and you need to refresh each separately to see new records (that’s how it works for me).


Thanks, melodi-96. Are there any reminders or prompts for people to refresh periodically? Does it seem likely to you that an average user of the Android app wouldn’t know how to do that?

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I think it can be missed, especially that the second page exists, though if you see the id you likely can see the comment too, I’m not sure how it happens.


Thanks. I see so many observations with photos of different organisms. I’ve been trying to leave comments explaining how to fix the observations, but it seemed like even currently active people with some very good photos just never see the comments. Now I can better understand why.


The Following tab does alert me to comments on observations that I’m subscribed to. However, if I’m not already subscribed to an observation, it won’t show a notification for an @ mention of my username.


Thanks. Do you need to take some action to subscribe to an observation, even if it’s your own or you’ve made an identification on someone else’s?

no, you’re always subscribed to your own observations and adding an ID to someone else’s also subscribes you to it (follows)


Okay, I guess that, as melodi_96 said, people are either not going to their other content pages or not refreshing them. (Again, I’m referring to active people who are responding to IDs but not comments.).

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