Adding Observations to a Traditional Project - Wiki

Once one has joined a Traditional Project, this is one way that you can add a batch of observations to that project and then continue to contribute.

A) One can choose on the Traditional Project page “Add from Your Observations

From your icon at the upper right you will get a drop down menu that has Edit Observations as an option. Select that.

From your Dashboard you can also select Edit Observations

B) Any of these selections will take one to what now says “Edit Observations”. In the case of the particular project I am using as an example, the selection can first be narrowed by a search (see below).

C) In this example most of the qualified observations are in a particular place. Fill in the place and select Search (see below). Other traditional projects may ask for particular species or other search criteria/fields.

D) Now select batch edit to proceed to the next sort (see below).

E) Select all of your observations if most of them fit the criteria (see below)

F) Now deselect the observations that do not meet the criteria, select the “Add to Project” drop down menu, and add to the selected Project, hey presto! (see below)

G) Once bulk batches have been added, you may wish to further add to the project from future observations. To add multiple images to the project from the uploader, select the first uploaded observation then press shift and select the last to select the whole group (much the same as one would do to select a group out of the file folder), next select the Projects drop down menu on the left. (see below)

H) If you have joined the project, it will show up on the drop down list, select it and move on and fill in the other details. Then submit. (see below)

I) If you are wishing to supplement further and submit individual observations, select the Projects drop down menu on the lower right of select observations. (see below)

J) If you have joined the project it will show up on the drop down list, select it and move on. (see below)