Reporting introduced Aesculus pavia in Maryland


Not sure where to post this since it is my first forum post. Red Buckeye, Aesculus pavia, is not listed as introduced in Maryland although the northern range limit is in North Carolina.


Hello, a link to the observation might be helpful.


Here it is:


I marked this one as introduced to Maryland per the ranges on BONAP/USDA.

In the future, to fix yourself:

In the main header search:
-Search for the place of interest, e.g. the state, country, or other place you are interested in and choose “About”
-Lefthand side>View check list page
-Search for taxon where it says “Type taxon name”
-If not on list, “Add to list” and add taxon to list
-Once on list, click “Edit” next to the taxon
-Change “establishment means” and Save

Typically, you’ll want to do it for the largest area it is introduced (continent, if possible) rather than country or county/province/subregion. But since this is native to some states and introduced to others, you’ll have to go state by state.

Alternatively, you can bring this to the attention of curators by flagging the taxon for curation. Go to the taxon page, click Curation on the right side, then Flag for curation and leave a short note about what needs to be done.


I will probably bring to attention of curators in the future. I just saw your reply to my post. How do I get timely notices of forum posts? I am a new user.

Email notifications for the forum
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