"request failed" on every ID

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Step 1: I am experiencing a popup saying “request failed” every time I make an ID then it continues to ID the observation anyway. It is a pain to keep pushing “ok” to continue for no reason.

Step 2:

Step 3:

if you want anyone to be able to help you, you probably need to provide more information. is this the website or the app? what kind of setup are you using? screenshots would be nice.

This is happening to me aswell.

hi @michiganherpotology11, welcome to the iNaturalist Forum - I restored the template that is provided for topics created in the #bug-reports category. If you can fill it out, that is helpful. Thanks!

Sometimes this happens to me when I’ve let an iNat search or Identify page sit in a browser (Chrome for me) tab for a while (days, sometimes) and then go back to it. Refreshing the tab fixes the problem


Yes, the token expires after 24 hours. I suspect this is the issue.