Research Grade status stripped from nearly all sightings for several species after inactivating/reactivating taxa

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Furcula borealis -

Cerura vinula -

Furcula cinerea -

Furcula occidentalis - (UPDATE: This one has been corrected by inactivating/reactivating again, which has not worked for the other four species)

Furcula furcula -

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There was a previous bug with certain taxa not being properly classified in the correct subfamily (with some observations being split between two different higher-level groups when they should all be subsumed under a single subfamily) discussion here:
The solution was to inactivate/reactivate these troublesome taxa and now the higher classification issue is rectified. However, a new bug arose. For some (oddly enough, not all) of the taxa that were inactivated and immediately reactivated (URLS provided above) nearly all RG designations have been stripped, and so observations “need ID” despite having two or more IDs in agreement. How do we go about reinstating all these hundreds of RG statuses? I tried inactivating/reactivating one of these species again but that didn’t fix it

Taxa in question are: Cerura vinula, Furcula borealis, Furcula occidentalis, Furcula cinerea, and Furcula furcula

Thanks in advance!


I think this relates to the unsolved glitch where taxon changes can mark observations at casual, with no explanation, despite them fulfilling all the needed criteria.

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Hmmm, that’s too bad. RG statuses for one of the species (Furcula occidentalis) came back after inactivating/reactivating the taxon again. Does not seem to have worked for the other one that I tried though. Furcula furcula has also now been corrected…

So I was able to correct all but two taxa, so now I am manually going through and adding my IDs to ones I hadn’t IDed before to bring them up to RG – and updating my IDs in cases where I had previously IDed a given observation but which lost its RG status.

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Can someone provide a link to an observation that should be RG and isn’t?