Resolving flags for intentionally incorrect IDs

The curator guide says not to resolve flags for intentionally incorrect IDs, but I know some curators do resolve these flags once the offending ID is hidden, and I’m curious how to handle these as a new curator? I can’t find a reason to leave a flag open on a hidden ID once any suspensions or warnings for the user have been addressed, and I suspect this part of the curator guide was written before there was an option to hide IDs, but I don’t want to just go violating the curator guide either

What do others think of this?

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Where in the guide is that? It might not have been updated since hiding IDs became an option.

IMO if an ID is hidden then the flag can be resolved in most cases, unless there’s something else pending.


We typically leave the following types of flags left unresolved: true spam flags, photos flagged for copyright infringement, duplicate observations, clearly spurious/malicious identifications.


Thanks, I updated that text.


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