Restoring ID on Identify page reliably fails

Platform (Android, iOS, Website):
Web site

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Firefox 83.0 on Windows 10 v1909

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Example observation:

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When using the Identify page on the web site, restoring an earlier ID of mine quickly fails quietly. For example, in the example observation above – but when viewed in the Identify page – I have a withdrawn ID of Anisota, an active ID of Anisota stigma, and another user has an active ID of Anisota senatoria.

If I click on the menu in the upper-right corner of the first ID’s box and choose Restore, the green circle icon appears, indicating that the action is in progress. Then it disappears. The view of this observation does not change/update based on the action completing. Opening the observation page (2nd link above) shows that the withdrawn ID has not been restored, and my active ID following it has not been withdrawn.

If I try to restore the first, withdrawn ID from the observation page (2nd link), the action completes as expected. The first, withdrawn ID becomes active, and the second, active ID becomes withdrawn.

So the problem appears to be confined to the Identify page. This bug has been extant for several months, happens consistently, and can happen on any observation with a restorable ID.

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I have also experienced this bug.

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I can replicate, I’ve filed a bug report here:

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This has been fixed.