Retreiving the taxon ID based on the taxon name


I would like to build an url that would point toward the taxon page of iNaturalist based on the taxon name

I can easily point toward a search on the taxon name with an url like :

However I would prefer to point to the taxon page instead :

The url with just the taxon id works fine :

However, I don’t know how I can retrieve (via the API?) the taxon ID in an automated way based on a taxon name.

Or is it possible to build an url like :

NB : I’m not interested to do that manually. The idea is to build a script that will open several web pages with information about the distribution of a species. Also, I’m not interested here in downloading the data.

Gilles should do it

Exactly what I wanted but even simpler than expected !
Thanks a lot ! I just feel quite stupid now…

Haha no worries, I just found out about this trick recently too. :)

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