Help with url to find galls

I’ve tried, I really have, but just can’t make it work. Can anyone help me with a search url that will find just observations annotated for “Evidence of presence” “Gall”. Thanks :-).

an interesting one. I had assumed that simply tacking on &term_id=22&term_value_id=29 to the end of the URL after clicking Explore would work (ie, but this gives me the 404 mole error

if I first filter to insects, however, it does work:

so if you just string together the taxa you want first (insects + mites + fungi + etc), and then tack on the extra text, it should be fine

Yes, that’s what happened for me too. In my question, I forgot to mention that I’m actually trying to find observations annotated as “Gall” that I’ve IDed. I’ve tried adding the taxon ID for insects before the annotations query, but this gives me the error message again. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong. My query is: .

try going to my explore link, then click identify via the filters box
on the identify page, make sure both needs ID and RG are ticked, and then swap to ‘reviewed’


That does the trick perfectly… amazing! Thanks :blush:.


(the issue with this url is that the first & should be a ? instead

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Goodness, it was that simple! Works great, thanks.

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