"Return to top" button/link at the bottom of threads

This is just for the forum, I think it would be helpful at the bottom of the page of each thread there was a link or button that would automatically return you to the top of the page. Some threads get really long, so it would save some scrolling.

It’s just a minor feature but I think it would be helpful. :)


Thanks @jimbee. Since this is specific to the forum, I moved it to this section from “feature requests” where you originally submitted it.


The 'Home" and “End” buttons on your keyboard do that.

That’s only helpful if you’re not on mobile though.


On mobile there is a little tool at the bottom of the page that you can click and then it expands so you can navigate through long topics.

There is a similar scrollbar on desktop.


Thanks! I’ve never seen a forum with that internal scrollbar before, it’s a bit odd.

Yeah the Discourse platform is a bit quirky. I’ve found a lot of answers to my questions at their forum too: meta.discourse.org


Thank you! I’ll take a look, this will be very helpful.

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That widget varies by mobile platform. On Android:

Tapping on the 4/7 at the bottom pops up a navigation panel with a scrollbar and the option to “Jump to” another post in the thread by number.

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Very meta with those screenshots. :blush: Yes, that’s what’s pictured in my screenshots/on my phone too (I’m not seeing any differences between yours and mine).

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You are correct! My fault. This old man was thrown off by the dark mode and the addition of the Discourse image expand icon which I took to be part of the screenshot. In the dark mode image I missed seeing the pop-up dialog as a pop-up. Thanks!

Dragging this blue bar on the right-hand side will help you navigate the page quickly:

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I also just found out now, purely by accident, that if I click the thread title it does return me to the top of the page. Woops. :)

Guess my problem is solved!


Nice, I didn’t know that!