Revise the "Flag for Curation" page to add optional comment box below title box

This is an alternative to my previous Feature Request. I suggest revising the Flag for Curation interface — which currently features a small 255-character box — as follows: (1) Keep the character-limited box for the flag title but make it larger so that reviewing and editing what you’ve written are easier. (2) Add a second larger box for an optional Comment to be written as part of the initial flag. That way the entire flag can be created in one step, rather than posting a short title and then adding a comment later on the next page.

(This might not even require instructions because it would be obvious to most flaggers that the title should be short and to the point. And it should avoid what several curators were concerned about - having to wade through a list of wordy flags.)

Here is the previous request for cross-reference:


This would be grand - the first few times I created a taxon flag it was very frustrating having to find where to click to create the explanatory comment.


Good idea


This has just been implemented: