Any way to make a sound file from a video clip?

I took a short video clip of a muskrat today and it makes some interesting squeaky noises. I would like to be able to upload this sound clip to iNat. Does anybody know how I could make a sound file from a .mov file? I am not at all savvy about the different file formats so please pretend you are speaking to a dinosaur in any explanations. :roll_eyes: Thanks!


I have used before to convert videos of bird songs to sound files (Mp3). Hope it helps.

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Any website works ok, just google audio converter.

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I use the VLC player (free, open source) on a computer:
You can do it like this:
From the menu select Media->Convert->(dialogue window)Add->Convert->Profile (select some audio profile, like “audio - mp3”)->Browse (for destination file)->Start


I use

If you use a Mac, you can extract audio without downloading anything by opening the file in Quicktime (default program if you haven’t changed it to something else), then go to File > Export… > Audio Only

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Thank you for all the helpful suggestions. I didn’t know it was called an audio converter. Learned my new thing for the day! I will try these and see what works best for me. I’m on a PC so unfortunately I can’t use the mac trick, although I’m 99% sure Quicktime is also on my PC.

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