RG Qualification: Community taxon at species level or lower

Most of the observations have to get to genus level so you can tick the box “ID is as good as it can be” which turns the observation into research grade. But there are also observations that require species level or lower, otherwise they get casual if you click it’s as good as it can be.
Is this intended?
Here’s an example of the latter case: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/38382829

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There is only one ID at genus, the other is a coarser level. The Community ID is therefore sitting at Acari (sub-class), and the display ID is the leading ID of Nothrus (genus). When you set “as good as it can get” you are saying that sub-class is the best level that concensus can be reached at, so it goes casual.

It’s easy to get confused between the Community ID and the Display ID. The Community ID is shown on the right just below the map:


I agree it’s easy to get confused, aided by the placement of the Research Grade badge on the display id. I can see why it’s that needed on a list of observations but when on an individual observation perhaps putting the badge on the community id would help reinforce the idea it is Research Grade only for the level agreed to by the community.

I’ve had to consider if such alternate placement would be better for the Discord bot, Dronefly, but after discussion, we decided that no, for consistency with iNaturalist on the web, the badge should remain on the display line for now.

I haven’t filed a feature request for this, but maybe should. Are a lot of people confused by this? Couldn’t we be doing this in a less confusing way?





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