Rotate external photos

Can we have an option to rotate photos that are imported from external sites? There are some great botanists posting excellent photos, but they are rotated incorrectly on import from Flickr. It seems a bit much to ask them to do it all again.

there is already that functionality but only the observer can do it:

@faerthen is referring to images like this one, which was imported from Flickr:

and they can’t be rotated the usual way?
(Btw does @username on the forum do anything?)

As far as I’m aware, the photographer of that example pic isn’t an iNat user. Even if he is, this particular image isn’t associated with any iNat account, so no one can rotate the image.

(@username / @vynbos does the same thing here as on iNat proper)

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it could be useful if an @username on the forum showed up as a notification on Or it could be annoying. hmm.

Add this as an issue here:

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