Russian toponyms for Belgian locations

My Belgian observations are placed in the right location on the map but the accompanied toponyms are wrong

Here is an example



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You mean Kazakhstan?

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Could be in any case not the correct belgian toponyms.

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I understand, just making sure it’s not about the toponyms on the map.

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No indeed. the bug that is occuring is that Belgian locations are matched to non Belgian toponyms.

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For reference, the text that says “Kobda District, Kazakhstan” here is called the “locality notes” section.

It looks like you added this observation through the website, right? How did you select the location when you were creating the observation? (manually placed on the map, edited GPS coordinates directly, imported existing GPS from the photo metadata?)

In the meantime, if you click Edit in the top right corner of the observation, you can remove or correct the name in that section:


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FWIW Kobda, Kazakhstan is at roughly 50N55E (compare Luxembourg Province at 50N5E) – I wonder if partway through the entry, the first 5 got accidentally deleted 5 got accidentally duplicated in the longitude?


Yes I used the website. I edited the location by copy pasting the coordinates from a google doc. I use google doc to enter field note’s like so…