Something is wrong with how locality is saved

Platform: Website

Browser: Ecosia 6.0.2 and possibly others

This observation has the locality as referenced to Zavkhan, Mongolia. The coordinates are the correct location. Under locality details everything is correct and the observation does not show up in Zavkhan, Mongolia.


The locality notes are populated by Google from the first location that is entered. If you make the longitude positive then you end up near Zavkhan, Mongolia. Are you entering this location manually?


Wasn’t my observation but based on a comment made by the original poster I believe that’s what happened

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I don’t think this is a bug, then, and the system is working as intended. The user can manually change that text.


The locality notes are populated by google? I thought they were populated by what the observer writes when uploading observations.

See The locality note comes from google/apple unless the user manually edits it.


How can I know if it comes from google/apple or if the user manually edits it?

There isn’t really any way to determine that. You could ask the observer, I suppose.

If it says Silver Mine - thanks Google
If it says Silvermine (which is how it IS written) we edited it.

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