Salamanders in NYC area

Hello! I am unsure if this is a valid question for the forum, but does anyone know of any good areas to go herping in NYC?
I really enjoy inwood hill park but I am looking to explore new spots! Thanks.

that’s what the Explore page in the website or app are intended to help with. you could check that first.

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I’ll second that. When I want to know where I can go to find a given taxon, I look at where there are already observations.

In general I agree, but if you look up salamanders in New York City, I think you’ll agree it offers @anubesh very little help in this case (except maybe Sunset Park).

I’d recommend trying Morningside Park. If you can get past all the Spotted Lanternflies, there should be at least some Red-backed there. And of course Fort Tryon Park is likely to have much of the same wildlife as neighboring Inwood Hill.


thank you! Inwood-Hill was incredible as far as red-backed salamander density goes they were everywhere!
Since posting this question I have seen 3 species within manhattan and Brooklyn!
I think its a complex task with salamanders as they are difficult to find due to their life styles and they may very well be present in a park, but if no one is digging through the leaf litter and flipping cover objects they wont show up on I-nat


Inwood Hill is pretty great. It feels far too natural to be Manhattan. It used to have Italian Wall Lizards, I don’t know if they are still there.

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