This might be the wrong place to post this, but are there any good places to go herping near Montgomery County in Pennsylvania?

I’ve gone to a few state parks and the local woods in search of creatures (namely snakes and salamanders) but haven’t had any luck. Does anybody know any good places near the general Philadelphia region that they’ve gone herping in and had success? (Also let me know if I posted this in the wrong place, this is my first forum post!)

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Not super close (but maybe an hour away or so from Montco), the Pine Barrens is a great place to hike/see some cool herps. I haven’t been there enough to know many specific places to recommend, but walking around Pakim Pond and surrounding area I have seen some cool things like lots of fence lizards and carpenter frogs. Also cool things like pine and corn snakes you won’t see elsewhere in the area (though those species can be pretty elusive). Good luck!

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Tyler State Park is good for finding herps. You could also try Tamanend Upper Southampton Park- there are a lot of frogs and the occasional turtle in the pond by the herb garden. Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust and Lorimer Park also have turtles and frogs.

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Thanks for the info - I’ll look into some of these locations. Quick question though, specifically what kinds of herps live in Tyler State Park that you’ve seen or heard of?

Awesome, thanks!

I’ve seen ring necked snakes, common watersnakes, turtles (not yet IDed), northern two lined salamanders, long tailed salamanders, eastern red backed salamanders, pickerel frogs, american toads, green frogs, and fowler’s toads. I believe other people have seen more species.

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You can also use the “explore” feature on the website to look at what others have spotted in general places (like for Montco here):


sounds like a worthwhile trip! I’ll try to head there soon

It is! There are all sorts of interesting things there.

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