Satellite maps no longer show labels on PC?

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome

URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages: Any observation page

Description of problem : Satellite map view on the observation page no longer shows labels such as town, city and road names, while standard map view does.

Step 1: open an observation page

Step 2: change the map view to “satellite”

Do you have “Labels” unchecked?


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There is no such option on my computer, as I’m looking for currently. I see the “terrain” checkbox under the Map side, but nothing comes up under Satellite.

Aha! Ok, I found the problem. When you first view the page, if it is set to Satellite, it will not show the checkbox for labels. But if you then switch to Map, and back to Satellite, the option comes back up. And it was unchecked.

Problem solved.

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