Save images from app to SD card?

Is it possible to make it so when I take pictures in the iNat app they save to the SD card in my phone instead of the internal storage?

I have barely any internal storage space on my phone, so it fills up after a few observations. However, with the default camera app (and other apps) I can choose in the app settings where I want the images to be saved and send them to the SD card. Using the default camera app is faster in the field anyway but it means I have to remember to upload all the images into the iNat app when I get home, and the location quality isn’t as good. (I’m using Android)

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Do you know how the app chooses where to store stuff? If you install it on SD would it still use internal storage?

No I don’t. How would I install the app on the SD card?

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I thought the (Android) app just gets the images from the normal camera image storage place (i.e. it runs the normal camera app that takes the picture and then gets the file from wherever that saves them). So have a look at the camera app settings.


I have the default camera app set to store images in the SD card, and it does. But when I use the “Take Photo” button in the app, it saves the image in internal storage.


From the phones home screen click (select or touch) settings, scroll down to applications and click it, then click applications manager, scroll down to the iNaturalist app icon and click on that, then click storage and then you will see a screen with a button to change where the photos are saved or stored. Hope this works.

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Thanks! I’ve just done that, but it looks like when the app takes images they’re still saved in the internal storage.

Hmm, well, hmm. When you’re in the iNat app with the camera on ready to take a photo there should be a small SD card icon in the bottom right corner. If there is not, touch the settings gear in the top left of the screen. Then the camera options page should appear, scroll down a little bit and see if the storage location is set for memory card or not. Other than that, I don’t really know. By the way, I’m referencing from my old galaxy s5 so things may have changed since it was new.

I checked and I don’t have such an option, nor on the screen or in the settings that I can open from there, I’m using xiaomi.

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I’m just relaying what I see on my phone’s screen. I’m not an expert on phones by any means. I actually use an iphone for photos most of the time. And like I say, I am referencing my old galaxy s5 which may or may not have “modern” conveniences. I don’t even know what xiaomi is. :-)

One of the most popular Chinese brands, not only for smartphones.

Weird, there is the gear on the top left, and when I go there the storage location is already set as the SD card. Maybe it is just showing the settings for the default camera app? Either way, if I click Details on the image it shows the path as /Internal storage/DCIM/Camera whereas if I take photos just with the default app the path is /SD card/DCIM/Camera.

Maybe, go back to the first route from the phone’s home page clicking settings thru to iNat, then instead of clicking on storage click on “permissions”. There is a sliding button for storage, slide it to on. I don’t know, I’m just grasping at straws now.

Thank you for trying!
I checked that and it was already on. Also, if I click “All permissions” in the ⋮ menu I noticed it says it has permission to modify and delete content on the SD card.

I’m at a loss to what to do. The only thing I can suggest now is the old “turn it off and on” trick, maybe it needs to reset from the start for some of the things you’ve changed to take effect. With that, I have exhausted my limited smartphone knowledge. :-)

Haha no luck, thanks for your help.

Phone model is irrelevant - operating system and software version is what is needed - e.g. I have Android 9 and iNat App 1.20.11(442).

If I go to take a photo for a new observation it opens the standard camera app and the photo is taken with that app. However if I open the camera app independently I can specify the storage location (internal or SD). Regardless of that setting the iNat photos always go to internal camera storage. So this confirms @upupa-epops’s original problem - is this a bug?

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Yeah, since it doesn’t seem to be a working option I’m wondering if I should make this a bug report or a feature request.

Post it in the bugs forum, referring back here. Unless someone like @tiwane or @bouteloua want to comment or move this thread there first (or whoever works on the apps). Its possible that third-party apps don’t have access to the storage location though.