Let's thank our own top identifiers

On your iNaturalist dashboard, the black “Year on iNaturalist 2019” feature has a link to generate your own stats for 2019, and it shows who your top identifier/ helpers were (EDIT: the link is now at http://inaturalist.org/stats/2019/you). Chances are they helped you learn and feel validated. If you take a minute to message and thank them, it’ll help them know their efforts are appreciated. Positive feedback goes a long way.


My top three are @ronf, an Israeli ecologist; @sadawolk, an “IRL” friend from my hometown whom I met through iNat, and @nathantaylor (mostly because I sorta picked up some of his interest in sandmats >.>).

The first two aren’t on the forum, but Nathan is. Hi Nathan, you’re great!


Unfortunately, only one of my top identifiers is on here. @joshua_tx and @sonnia are both only on the iNaturalists, but exceptionally knowledgable about the Texas flora. @connlindajo was my third and many thanks to you for all your IDs!

I’d also like to thank @johnascher, @matthias22, @hadel, @slimbarentse and @taftw (only @matthias22 is on this forum). Even though they’re not even close to my top identifiers for the year, they contributed a lot of identifications to groups that I previously knew essentially nothing about (the pollinators primarily and other insects). The confirming plant IDs are wonderful but don’t envoke the same level of gratitude as an ID to family, genus, or even species on a group that you’ve really only tried to get to order and are unlikely to get to family without quite a bit of study.


You can always message them on iNaturalist.


Oh true, with that in mind I’d like to thank @malisaspring for post-report 2019 Pterygota help. Forward to 2020! ;)

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I appreciate work of @phlomis_2019 @convallaria1128 @julia_shner for my plant identification and @ldacosta @tomegatherion for my birds’ id, others do not less job for me, thank you all, hope it brings you as more joy as I get!


And kudos to you for getting them to Pterygota! Some of them are really tricky!

I’m almost finished with reviewing all of them (!), so if there are any entomologists who want to stare at challenging bugs type in Winged and Once Winged in the box and then under filters change the rank to subclass. There are about 14,000 sitting there, either because they need just one more ID, they are small, or the taxa are tricky (stares at all Symphyta vs Lepidoptera; Pscoptera vs Psylloidea, any galls or leaf mines, etc). Once I finish looking at the remaining 700 or so, I will need to log off for a while to focus on writing…


(chuckle) My lessons-learned on that is why you see those records coming your way as only Pterygota (hat tip to @k8thegr8 while we’re thanking people).


@jurga_li the lichen lady


I would like to thank many people who have helped me with IDsof various organisms from various countries. My special thanks are to @borisb for all his help with Coleoptera.


The very patient lichen lady :D . I can say that for sure! Kudos.

Thanks to my top three identifiers in the PNW:
@ajwright - tireless plant identifier in the PNW, super helpful
@brewbooks - Thanks John!
@stewartwechsler - another tireless identifier in the PNW of more than just plants, super helpful

I take some pride in that my identifications are nearly triple my observations. I know a western sword fern when I see one. :joy:


@nathantaylor I certainly appreciate all your IDs for me and all the others on iNat.


What a great idea! Thank you for bringing it up!


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@jurga_li Thank you from me too!

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I cannot find this Year on iNat 2019 feature, on my dashboard. When I searched I got nothing. ??? How do I find my stats? There’s a number of people I’d like to mention here.

I just looked and it’s not there – I guess they took it down. Too soon! :-(

You still can do it, open “experts” tab on your main page, then choose dates from Jan 1 to Dec 31.


The URL is http://inaturalist.org/stats/2019/you


Thanks for the link. I am in awe of the fact that these stats can be generated in such detail for all users - wow!