Schedule of updates of SCAN database from iNat?

Does anyone know if the SCAN website (Symbiota Collections of Arthropods Network) updates identifications for previously imported iNat observations or deletes incorrectly identified observations when it imports a new dataset from iNaturalist? I was looking for records on SCAN of the Tortricid moth Pelochrista zomonana in Texas. The search listed four reports from BugGuide, three observations on iNaturalist, and one report from the LepSoc seasonal database. When I looked at the original data on those platforms, every one of the records has been corrected to something else or downgraded to genus level ID. So when/on what schedule does SCAN get corrected IDs for previously uploaded records?


The page about their iNat data says last updated Feb 25 2021:

That’s somewhat interesting because the source file they link to ( – warning, large file) was last updated at the beginning of April 2022.

So iNat is giving them access to timely data, but it looks like they don’t necessarily use it in a timely fashion. I suspect they either pull their data manually, or whatever automatic process they had broke. Either way, probably worth contacting them.


OK. I’ve sent a similar question to Neil Cobb, based on his contact info on the SCAN website.


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