Scientific and common names are not displayed consistently on the identifications page

Please consider fixing the display of the Identifications page as follows:

  1. Apply the same “Names Display” format to the observation community ID and to my ID.
  2. This format should be as defined in the user’s settings.

Presently it is not the case:

Presently the display is Lespedeza cuneata for the observation community ID and Chinese Bushclover for my ID. Not displaying at all the scientific name for my ID does not help me browse/review/correct my previous IDs, if I don’t know the scientific names and the common names. This display is misleading

A consistent display would be Lespedeza cuneata (Chinese Bushclover) for both (as chosen in my profile). Should this be too long to display, “Lespedeza cuneata” for both would be nice too.

My settings are as follows: