Species name inconsistently displayed in the Suggestions tab within the Identify tool

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There seem to be some inconsistencies in displaying species names in the Suggestion section of the Identify tool. Normally it displays the common name followed by the Latin Species name in parentheses for me. But the top suggestion for the skimmer dragonfly was missing the Latin species names and had part of the common name in parentheses, while the second suggestion was correctly displayed.

Step 1: Using the Identify tool with settings set to unknowns in Canada

Step 2: Started sifting through pages of unknown observations using keyboard shortcuts

Step 3: Clicked on the Suggestions tab for this dragonfly observation to see CV suggestions, and saw that the Latin species name was missing and that the common name was displayed incorrectly, but the next suggestion down the list had the species names displayed correctly.

I can’t replicate this. Have you seen it happen on any other observation?

Thank you for looking into it! I wasn’t sure how I could replicate the problem. Leading up to the screenshot I took, there were a couple of other CV suggestions that the layout looked off, but I didn’t realize it was the species names displaying incorrectly until the skimmer observation I screenshotted. When I opened a new tab to continue identifying later, the problem no longer occurred. So maybe my browser was acting up? Sorry for taking up your time!

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No worries! I’m going to close this bug report now, but please let us know if it happens again.