Scorpions in East Tennessee

I have heard that there are 2 species of scorpions in East Tennessee, yet I have not found one, but have reliable witnesses who have seen them. Any tips on finding one? Thanks

There are quite a few observations of Vaejovis carolinianus in the area, but Centruroides vittatus seems to be quite rare. You can always try to look for where others have seen them


I asked my sister in law in Tucson Arizona where I could look for scorpions. She said, “Well, there’s usually one in my broom closet.” There was.


Apparently unlike their desert cousins they like to hunt in moist places, such as in wood piles, under rocks, or hiding under loose bark. You could try using a UV light to search for them at night and in dark places.


I have quite a bit of experience finding Centruroides vittatus but not Vaejovis carolinianus. Look for them in forested areas underneath logs and especially under large rocks. This is probably more a function of where I look for them, but I have the greatest success finding them underneath large sandstone blocks on oak-forested slopes


You can try leaving dirty clothes in a pile for a few days, then picking them up.

That’s how I got stung by and then saw Vaejovis carolinianus, in that order.


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