Scrolling problem with drop-down menus when adding new observations

When adding new observations, the drop-down menus occasionally are longer than the page, and scrolling down doesn’t work.
For example: In the “Details” section, when I select “Species name” I cannot see all the options.

I can access them by either:

  1. zooming out by pressing command- on my mac (and then using a magnifying glass to read them); or
  2. by selecting “Species name” within the observation, where scrolling does work.

Same thing with “Fields”, except there is no option 2).

I tried it in both Firefox and in Safari - same problem. I’m on a MacBook Pro, using Sierra OS.

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I find I have the same problem and just have to try to work around it, usually by giving up and doing something creative in some other way. Solutions? I have none. This is especially frustrating when I’m not using full screen and I go to full screen and the list disappears.

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Definitely a buggy, but a quick workaround would be to not use the taxon chooser in the side menu and use the one on the observation card instead.


The ‘Species name’ has been fixed - Thank You!

I haven’t checked yet whether ‘Fields’ has also been fixed.


Still the same problem with ‘Fields’. It would be great if they were also enclosed with a scroll-down box.