Scrolling Down on "Your Observations" does not load more observations

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Step 1: Go to “Your Observations” tab

Step 2: Select any filters/parameters

Step 3: Drag down scrollbar on observation list

After following the steps, eventually an option to go to the next “page” of your observations in the sequence should appear, but it’s now arbitrary if it does or not and seems to never work after getting to the second “page”. Tested on multiple filters (taxa, date range, area, project) and refreshed pages multiple times. Noticed yesterday, still happening.

This happens on general observations in the “Explore” section as well. This has happened to me many times. If not over the course of a year, then at least 6 months. It doesn’t always happen though, so thats why I don’t have an attached screenshot. (Not sure why my OG pfp is showing up, must be something with the login I used to comment on this)