Search for IDs of "Life"

I find myself in need to search for observations that I have ID’d as Life. I tried:, but that does not return any ID’s.

I’m not sure of 48460 for the taxon ID, but seems to suggest that’s what it is.

The /identifications?taxon_id= filter appears to return results for the taxon specified and everything below it in the taxon tree. So I would expect a search for ‘life’ to return all your identifications as it is at the top of our taxon tree. So its not going to get what you want, even if it acted as a normal taxon entry.

But I don’t have a solution :-)

Sorry if I am misunderstanding, but perhaps:

@danaleeling – this finds my own observations, in the ID modal. What I’m looking for are others’ observations where I have entered a Life ID. Like this: finds observations that I have ID’d as taraxacum (or lower).

So I’d expect to return observations that I have ID’d as “Life” (or lower - thanks @tony_wills). But it returns no observations at all.

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Instead of user_id use ident_user_id - does this give you what you’re looking for?

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That produces an interesting set of observations, but it is observations with a current community ID of ‘life’ (ie unknown) where schoenitz has added an ID. But his ID could have been anything if others have also added an ID (eg he says it is a plant, someone else says its a fungi, and the community ID ends up as ‘life’). It also misses the observations (if any) where he has identified as ‘life’ but the community has over-ridden this with another ID.

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That again brings up the identify interface. I’m looking for results in this format:, i.e., I don’t want to identify something, I want to look at something I have previously identified. The link I posted earlier,

which I got from @bouteloua’s post further upthread seems to not return the expected results. For one, I don’t know how to specify my ID’s as a taxon, and only that taxon, excluding lower ones. For another, the Life taxon (48460) should at least return every ID I ever made, so this:
should be redundant with:
– but it doesn’t seem to be.

That makes me think it’s not possible to find an observation that I have ID’d as Life. Or maybe that 48460 is not the taxon ID for Life, despite appearances.

I think just with the API:

Which finds, for example:


Thank you. The format is a bit rough, but I can scan for observation URLs. It works well enough.


Yeah, would be nice to have these tools available on the website proper.

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