&introduced=false not working to exclude introduced species

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Introduced species are not excluded when introduced=false on identify page (following instructions here).

Step 1:
Go to identify.
Step 2:
Set introduced=false.
Step 3:
Pick a taxon and a location where the taxon is introduced.


I noticed something similar about two weeks ago, I assumed it had to do with the difference between local and regional establishment means, but I could very well be wrong.

I also had trouble with using Introduced=FALSE…

But ended up using “&native” to solve this.

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How do these searches work… ie does “native” produce results native to the country or region chosen by the iNat member as their usual search results?

FYI, I had a similar problem last week (mac, firefox): trying to do a search on observations that I did not make, and &not_user_id=caththalictroides did not exclude my observations. (not looking to divert the conversation to my problem, just adding another data point)

To be clear, I actually do not want native species only. I primarily want species that have been marked neither as native nor introduced. If I understand it correctly, &native or &native=true will only return species marked as native. As such, this isn’t the same as &introduced=false. If I’m mistaken, I hope someone corrects me.

The main reason I tried to use it was to find species that hadn’t been marked as introduced for certain regions.

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