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Step 1: Want to see grasses in Sweden. Searched for Poaceae + Sweden

Step 2: Result: lots of Danish observations and other countries (example Russia) is appearing together with some Swedish. Seems to be random “Europe” instead of a defined Swedish border that greates the result.

Step 3:

Can you please post a link of your search.

This can usually be fixed by clicking on the filters button, clicking more filters and entering the geography of your choice in the place box (lowest left option).

The site has 2 different places it gets mapping info from, the one I mention above is the cleaner one.


Yeah, when you choose location in main tab it uses a rectangle, using filters and choosing place will show you the results within country borders.

I find the easiest way to find the right “place” to use for filtering, is to go to an observation that is definitely inside the area you want, and then under the pin location map in the observation view you can select “details” and drop down a list of places that encompass that specific location. In this example, on the left are the system places, and on the right are the ones the community creates. Countries will usually be on the left. Clicking on the place takes you to the observations for the place.

What I particularly like, is it sometimes shows user created places that you may find useful, such as the “Waiapu Ecological District” in this case, an area that I will find very useful in future now that I have seen it exists!

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